Goodbye Mixer. Hello Twitch!

As of July 22nd, will be no more.

What does this mean for the future of Firebot?

Well, we’re currently working towards updating Firebot for use on This could potentially take a bit of time to get right. Firebot was built from the ground up to work with Mixer and while some of the systems can easily be moved over, not everything will work. For example, all of the Mixplay elements.

We’re currently trying to tear those pieces out of Firebot and patch up what we can to work with the new API and systems that Twitch has in place. We’re making some good progress in that direction.

Once we have a basic working application out there, we’ll be taking a look at the application as a whole. We’re trying to decide if it is best to keep rolling with what we have that was built for Mixer, or if we should start looking at a new framework.

Firebot started around 5 years ago. Since then it’s been through many iterations, many developers, and many technologies. While the current setup works, it’s not optimal for what we’d ultimately like to see. A new start would allow us to tailor Firebot around these new services while fixing up old code to make it easier for new developers to help out.

Again, we’re still in talks about all of this! We’ll update everyone as we have more information.

tldr: Firebot is coming to Twitch. It’ll be there soon.