Twitch Beta Release!

After a month of headache, heartache, and hard work we are proud to announce the first beta release of Firebot for Twitch! Much has gone into getting Firebot Twitch worthy; here’s a condensed list of updated features:

  • Signing in with your twitch accounts
  • Chat Feed
  • Custom Commands
  • Games
  • Events
  • Viewers page
  • Permissions restriction
  • Most Mixer dependent effects have been ported to Twitch
  • Command/Quote list profile page working on new website
  • Added !linkmixer command that allows users to link their twitch and mixer accounts (so currency amounts, view time, etc, can be merged)

Please keep in mind that this release is a beta and that there will be bugs and missing Twitch-specific features. Please post any bugs and feature suggestions you find either here in Discord or use the bug tracker link:

The release can be downloaded from:

If you have questions, comments, feedback, or issues please use our discord link at the top of the page.