Update 5.17.0

Firebot is official out of beta for Twitch integration! We feel confident that most of the system we have in place are working fairly well now. There may still be an issue here or there, but for the most part everything is now stable. v5.17.0 Update Notes Implemented support for Channel Rewards! Added Channel Reward Redemption event Includes $rewardName, $rewardCost, $rewardImageUrl, and $rewardMessage variables Includes “Reward Name” filter Only triggers for custom channel rewards. The 5 “default” channel rewards (ie Highlight message) do not trigger. This is a Twitch API limitation. Chat Feed now displays redeemed rewards NOTE: You will need to log out and back into your Streamer account for channel reward features to function Added Community Subs Gifted event Triggered when someone gifts random subs to the community of the channel. Renamed “Subs Gifted” event to “Sub Gifted”, this event triggers for each person who got a gifted sub. Added Ignore Streamer Account option … Read more

Twitch Update #2

Just a small update. We’ve officially released a beta version for Twitch. If you already have Firebot installed, simply start up the application and it should grab the latest version for you. If you haven’t yet updated for Twitch you may see some weirdness in the application at first, but after the auto update has run everything should be fixed up. One thing to note, this is technically a beta. However, we’re pushing this out to everyone to get things working again. There will be some bugs and issues that we didn’t catch in an attempt to get this out to everyone as soon as possible. If you find any bugs, please report them to us on discord. You can find the button at the top of the site. Thanks!

Twitch Beta Release!

After a month of headache, heartache, and hard work we are proud to announce the first beta release of Firebot for Twitch! Much has gone into getting Firebot Twitch worthy; here’s a condensed list of updated features: Signing in with your twitch accounts Chat Feed Custom Commands Games Events Viewers page Permissions restriction Most Mixer dependent effects have been ported to Twitch Command/Quote list profile page working on new https://firebot.app/ website Added !linkmixer command that allows users to link their twitch and mixer accounts (so currency amounts, view time, etc, can be merged) Please keep in mind that this release is a beta and that there will be bugs and missing Twitch-specific features. Please post any bugs and feature suggestions you find either here in Discord or use the bug tracker link:https://github.com/crowbartools/Firebot/issues The release can be downloaded from:https://github.com/crowbartools/Firebot/releases/tag/v5.16.0 If you have questions, comments, feedback, or issues please use our discord … Read more

Twitch Update

Hi all, I wanted to give you a status update on Firebot’s Twitch port. Here is what has been updated/is working now: Signing in with your twitch accounts Connecting to Twitch chat servers Chat Feed Custom Commands Games Events Viewers page Here’s what is actively being worked on: Getting the Permission restriction working Adding system commands that allow users to link their twitch and mixer accounts, with an accompanying mod command to approve links. Getting the last couple moderation effects functional Once we have the above few items completed, we will be in a position to release a Firebot for Twitch beta. #soon

Goodbye Mixer. Hello Twitch!

As of July 22nd, Mixer.com will be no more. What does this mean for the future of Firebot? Well, we’re currently working towards updating Firebot for use on Twitch.tv. This could potentially take a bit of time to get right. Firebot was built from the ground up to work with Mixer and while some of the systems can easily be moved over, not everything will work. For example, all of the Mixplay elements. We’re currently trying to tear those pieces out of Firebot and patch up what we can to work with the new API and systems that Twitch has in place. We’re making some good progress in that direction. Once we have a basic working application out there, we’ll be taking a look at the application as a whole. We’re trying to decide if it is best to keep rolling with what we have that was built for Mixer, … Read more