All-in-one bot for Twitch streamers

Firebot is a fully featured open-source bot that can help level up your streams.

Modern, easy-to-use UI

Why choose function over form when you can have both! Utilizing modern technologies, Firebot has been built from the ground up with usability in mind. The result is a UI that is equal parts intuitive and beautiful.

Customer profile user interface

Powerful Effects System

At the core of Firebot is a simple, yet powerful Effect system that allows you to program the bot to do just about anything with no programming knowledge needed.

Inbox user interface
Everything you need to run your stream
Firebot is a free, open source, all-in-one bot for Twitch. It's packed full of everything you need to make your stream fun and interactive.

Chat Commands

Firebot also allows streamers to take control over their chat. The commands system will help you provide your chat with fun and useful commands.

Chat Feed

The chat feed built directly into Firebot allows you to not only interact with your chat, but also keep an eye on moderation actions as they happen.

Event Triggers

Trigger effects off a plethora of events. Want to give currency when someone subs? Play fanfare when you get a donation? Create your own custom alerts? No problem!


Reward your viewers with currency! The longer a viewer watches, the more currency they get. You can create as many currencies as you wish.


The Timer system is a way to easily create repeating commands and effects that will fire at certain intervals or after a certain number of chat messages have passed.

Viewer Tracking

Easily see who has watched for the most time, chatted the most and more!


Firebot has several built-in games including Slots and Heists. You can also harness the power of the Effects System to build your own unique games!


Keep your chat clean and spam free with several chat moderation features.


Firebot integrates with a number of common tools and apps such as Streamlabs, StreamElements, StreamLoots, Discord, Phillips Hue, and more.

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The People

Firebot is built, maintained, and supported by the community. Here's just some of the many contributors.

  • Firebottle

    Creator / Developer

  • ebiggz


  • SReject


  • zunderscore


  • ThePerry


  • CaveMobster


  • Heyaapl

    Tutorials / Support

  • C_K_Y

    Support / Developer

  • DragynsLair

    Support / Tester

  • CorporalGigglesworth


  • DennisOnTheInternet


  • baamang


  • Kateract


  • Senepa


  • Skriglitz